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Character Interview & Giveaway: Penelope's Ghost by Goldie Alexander

Penelope’s Ghost
Goldie Alexander

Genre: Paranormal/Romantic Suspense/Contemporary       

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

Date of Publication: April 9th 2014

ISBN:  9781941260142

Word Count: 83,560

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Book Description

Haunted. Haunting. Redeemed.

When Lisa Harbinger takes a job as nanny to a prestigious Australian family, she gets more than she bargained for: two spoil children, vengeful ghosts, a long-unsolved mystery and a blazing passion she and her enigmatic boss are unable to deny.

Character  Interview

Today More Books than Livros is interviewing  Lisa Harbinger from Penelope’s Ghost.

Mbtl Welcome Lisa! Please, could you tell our readers your name and nickname?
Lisa No nickname. Lisa is surely short enough not to need one. However my last name “Harbinger” is significant as harbinger signifies an omen or a portent.

Mbtl What is your hair color? Eye color?
Lisa I am small, in my mid thirties with long curly brown hair, wide cheekbones narrowing to a pointy chin, brownish hazel eyes, tanned skin, and lips that turn up at the corners.

Mbtl Where were you born? Where do you call home?
Lisa I was born in Melbourne Australia and this is my home. But shortly I will be moving to the Mornington Peninsula.

Mbtl What is your biggest fear? Why?
Lisa That I will never find a man who will love me for both my mind and body. That I will never have a child.

Mbtl Do you have a secret?
Lisa I am embarrassed to openly confess that my ex-husband is gay.

Mbtl What is one strong memory that has stuck with you from childhood? Why is it so powerful and lasting?
Lisa My father telling me that life is like a rockpool and that finding something I love in it might be hard, but that I should keep looking.

Mbtl What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Lisa To have a husband and child that I love. That where I live is safe from economic failure.

Mbtl What is your current state of mind?
Lisa I don’t think I will ever find my heart’s desires.

Mbtl What is your most treasured possession?
Lisa  My independence.

Mbtl What or who is the greatest love of your life?
Lisa Right now I don’t have one. Perhaps it will be Richard Prescott.

Mbtl What is it that you most dislike?
Lisa Pretentiousness and dishonesty.

Mbtl What is your greatest regret?
Lisa Not having a full and happy marriage.

Mbtl What is the quality you most like in a man?
Lisa Integrity. And that this man loves me as much as I love him.

Mbtl On what occasions do you lie?
Lisa I try not to. But sometimes, as when I worked in Real Estate, I couldn’t avoid white lies.

Mbtl What is your motto? 
Lisa  Honesty and integrity.

Mbtl How did you feel when you first laid eyes on Richard?
L        Lisa  I thought he was gorgeous and sexy but also a terrible snob. 

Mbtl What is the most romantic thing you have ever done?
Lisa Walked into that library with Richard and not knowing what might happen next.

Mbtl How do you see yourself in the future?
Lisa  Right now I don’t know. I long to be married and happy.

Thanks for visiting today Lisa.

I hope all your wishes come true.


“He fell in love with someone else,” Richard repeated thoughtfully. “Was she a friend of yours?”
It must be time to confess. What he would think of me after that, I didn’t dare consider. “Actually, she was a he. Simon fell in love with Robert and finally admitted he was gay.”
Richard’s eyebrows shot up. “Married to someone as lovely and intelligent as you? That’s almost impossible to believe.”
Lovely? Intelligent? Not knowing how to respond to these compliments I said quickly, “I think Simon always knew he was gay. Even when he married me, he was just in denial. I was too dumb to wake up to it.”
“When you did realise, how did it make you feel?”
“Angry. Miserable. Then totally stupid,” I answered. “There were so many hints, but I kept on ignoring them.” Then I dared to venture, as the atmosphere between us was definitely pulsing, “He was never interested in sex.”
His face blank, Richard turned to the next page of the book we were sharing, then another. In the pause I heard an owl hoot and the wind rustle a branch against the window.
At last he put down the book. “Never interested in sex. That mean you’re not? Let’s find out.” With this, he placed one arm around my waist and with the other hand tilted my head so I faced him. Then he carefully and delicately placed his mouth over mine.


About the Author

Goldie Alexander has published over 75 books plus many prize winning short stories and articles. For children she is best known for, "My Australian Story: Surviving Sydney Cove", now in its 10th edition. Amongst recent work are three collections of short stories: ‘Killer Virus’, ‘My Horrible Cousins’ and ‘Space Footy”.

Her latest novels for Young Adult include ‘The Youngest Cameleer’, ‘In Hades’ a verse novel, and ‘That Stranger next Door’. For middle grade readers: ‘eSide: A Journey into Cyberspace’. ‘ Cybertrix: 2043, and ‘Neptunia’, and the Junior novel ‘Gallipoli Medals’. She has authored the how-to-write ‘Mentoring Your Memoir’, facilitates creative writing workshops and mentors emerging authors.

Penelope's Ghost is Goldie's first, but far from last, Romance novel.

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