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Book Tour and Giveaway: Teaching Willow Session 3

Series: Teaching Willow: Session 3
Author: Paige James
Publication Date: 4/21/14

It started with waking up in a strange place.

It ended with everything that I thought I knew coming into question.

Now, I'm watching love turn into hate, bend turn into break and lies turn into truth that hurts worse than the deception ever did.

Such is my life, The Wicked World of Willow Masters.


·         Favorite Quotes From Teaching Willow: Session 3 

I know there’s no way to keep the blood from rushing to my cock now.  Damn my imagination! --  I love this one because I can totally relate to Ebon here.  Well, except for the cock part. LOL  I, too, have a very vivid imagination that can get me into trouble.

The best of both sisters, all in the package that I was never truly able to resist.  --  I think this sums it all up.  Ebon was never truly able to resist Willow. To me, that’s why Sage happened at all.

I’m drifting, drifting in a kind of bliss that I never imagined I would find.  Even as Sage, wrapped in Ebon’s arms, it never felt like this.  Because it never felt real.  --  My heart has been broken over and over again for Willow’s plight in this way.  No matter how much happiness she finds in Ebon’s arms, it can only ever be limited because he hasn’t been seeing her. Willow.  I can only imagine what an agonizing internal conflict this would be for her.  What I love about this quote is that it makes Willow’s actions, her willingness to go to the next step, more understandable to me.  Because no matter what she does, she can never really have Ebon.  Not really.  Because he still doesn’t see HER.

Shhh.  There’s no need to explain. I get it.  I know all about wanting something so badly.  Unfortunately, lies aren’t the way to get what you want.  They only create more problems.  --  No truer words were ever spoken.  That’s what I love about this one.

With that Ebon brushes his lips over mine, a kiss that’s so bittersweet I feel it like sugary acid pouring through my heart.  --  I love this quote because I’ve experienced a kiss like this before.  It burns like acid and leaves a scar just the same.

Sometimes it almost feels like I need her.   --  Ebon resists to the very end, and even when he starts to bend a little, he seems surprised by his feelings.  I love his ability to be brutally honest with himself yet still not have a clue.

He’s telling me he’s bulletproof. I’m praying he’s not.  --  I think we’ve all prayed this at some point, about some one.

·         Excerpts

Except 1
Willow reaches up with her good arm and winds it around my neck, tugging until I lower my head.  She smashes her lips against mine in a kiss that tastes desperate. And hot.  And forbidden.
I dive into her mouth, licking and sucking, temporarily lost to this little taste of something I’ve denied myself for what seems like forever.  My hands are in her hair, on her back, biting into her ass cheeks.  I pull her tight against me and she moves her hips, riding my thigh.  She’s all but begging me to make her come and holy god how I want to!

Excerpt 2
I raise my head to look at her as I punish her nipples with my fingers, tweaking and pulling them until her mouth drops open.  “I wish this room was full, full of every guy that has looked at you and wanted to come inside you.  Full of every man that you’ve dated and let touch you.  I want them to watch me bare every inch of your skin. I want them to watch me kiss and lick and bite and suck you until you’re marked. Marked by me.  For me.  I want them to know that you will always be mine.  Some part of you will Always. Be. Mine.  You know it. I know it.  And they would know it.”
Those words, just saying them aloud, makes me feel violently possessive of her. 

Excerpt 3
She’s perfectly still.  She doesn’t even twitch when my father moves past her.  I watch her chest for a few seconds to make sure she’s even breathing.  When I see it rise and fall in one short, shaky breath, I let out a sigh of relief.

·         Describe Ebon in Four Words

E- Eloquent. I find that he can express himself very well, even in his own mind.

B- Bound.  He’s bound to Willow even though he doesn’t fully realize it.  But I think, in this session, he’s beginning to.

O- Oh-so sexy.  I love the image of Ebon. The way he speaks and moves.  God, he turns me on!

N- Naughty.  Deep down, Ebon is very, very dirty.  And I foresee him unleashing more and more of that with Willow.

·         Describe Willow in Six Words

W- Willful.  Willow has been repressed and now that she’s coming into her own (over a guy, no less), I think she’s very willful.
I- Independent.  She’s fought hard to get where she is. You get to see a bit more of that in this session.
L- Liar.  We all know she’s becoming very adept at lying, but I’m not sure I could call her a liar in that most malicious way.  I think she   is a girl who got caught up in her own damage control and turned a molehill right into a mountain.
L- Loving.  For all her faults and bad choices, Willow loves and she loves hard.
O- Ornery.  We are going to see a bit of this in her and I, personally, can’t wait!
W- Weathered.  When she comes out of this hurricane, she’ll be weathered, but she’ll be stronger for it.

·          The Challenges of Writing a “Twisted” Romance One of the biggest draws (and eyebrow-raising) aspects of Teaching Willow is the twisty romance between Ebon and Willow. How do you walk the line between the creating a romance to root for? How do you keep readers on Willow’s and Ebon’s side among all the lies?

I hope I’ve kept them cheering for Ebon and Willow because, at the root of all the resistance and deception and crazy choices, is love.  Plain and simple.  Willow knows she loves Ebon.  She never intended to have him this way. It is just a series of bad choices and intense emotion that led to a cascade of worsening problems.  And Ebon has deeper feelings for Willow than what he’s willing to admit, even to himself. I want to see them weather this storm just so they can come out on the other side and be rewarded for all that they have suffered.  I hope that readers feel the same way, because the end will be very satisfying.  wink wink

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My name is Paige James. I'm a fairly shy bookworm and lover of all things romantic and steamy. I'm a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a drinker of wine, an animal advocate (even the ones that look like rodents) and a spinner of tales. Thank you for taking a chance on my work. You're making this working girl's dream come true.

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